Apostles Martin and Kimberly Angulo

Planted in Olavarria, Argentina

Pastors Rodolfo and Elisa Angulo

Planted in Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Pastors Carlos and Graciela Vega

Planted in Junin, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Pastors Hugo and Marcela Gonzales

Planted in Mendoza, Argentina


Pastors Miguel and Miriam Lira

Planted in Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba


Pastors Mario and Laura Branca

Planted in Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Pastors Raul and Maria Martinez

Planted in San Miguel, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Pastors Miguel and Monica Noferi

Planted in Merlo, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Pastors Benjamin and Marta Torres

Planted in Castelar, Buenos Ares, Argentina


Pastor Marta Araya

Planted in Moron, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pastors Daniel and Pabla Valenzuela

Planted in Trelew, Chubut, Argentina

Pastors Andres and Debora Mendoza

Planted in Mar del Plata, Argentina


Pastors Lucio and Adriana Longo

Planted in Pontevedra, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Pastors Adrian and Silvina Len

Planted in Tapalqué, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pastors Raúl and Giselle Abarrios

Planted in Neuquén, Argentina


Planters Ricardo and Alejandra Barrios

Planted in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pastors Luis and Silvia Sanclemente

Planted in Azul, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Planters Pablo and Fernanda Danelli

Planted in Balcarce, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Minister Marcelo and Pastor Claudia Arias

Planted in Cnel.Suarez, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Planters Nicolás and María Alarcon

Planted in Rawson, Chubut, Argentina


Planter Paola Bustamante

Planted in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Planters Fabian and Fabiola Beterous

Planted in Chillar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Planters Pablo and Celeste Trebuq    

Planted in Cañuelas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pastors Bob and Char Pittman

Planted in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, USA


Pastors Angel and Vanesa Sánchez

Planted in Tegucigalpa, Honduras



Pastor Jesús y Ana Garcia

Planted in Tegucigalpa, Honduras


Pastors Cristian and Paula Pelaez

Planted in Cali, Colombia

Planters Pablo and Daniela Iñiguez

Planted in Santa Cruz de las Sierras, Bolivia

Pastors Guillermo and Silvia Angulo

Planted in Horquetas de Saraquipí, Costa Rica


Pastors Jorge and Erika Paz

Planted in Tegucigalpa, Honduras


Pastors Jael and Aleira Oseguera

Planted in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Pastors Wilfredo and Marlene Linares

Planted in Ciudad Arce, El Salvador

Planters Jorge and Mercedes Hernandez

Planted in Barranquilla, Colombia


Pastors Gustavo and Valeria Marto

Planted in Barcelona, España


Pastor Jessica Gnecco

Planted in Lanzarote, España


Pastors Jorge and Derlis Sposito

Planted in Cuenca, España


Pastors Miguel and Glenny Perozo

Planted in Corella Navarra, España


Pastors Manel and Graciela Martinez Blanco

Planted in Galicia, España


Pastors Isaias and Ruth Trapero

Planted in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, España


Pastors Wilber and Mayra Bermudez

Planted in Malaga, España


Pastora Ruth Vazquez

Planted in Terraza, España


Planters Cesar and Rosana Villar

Planted in Verona, Italia

Our Supported Missionaries

  • Apostles Martin & Kimberly Angulo

    • Located in Argentina

  • Sheldon and Elaine Dwyer

    • Located in the Philippines

  • Julius and Ruth Morar

    • Located in India

  • Jake & Abby Lazar

    • Located in Rice Lake, WI

Outreach Team

  • Jonathan and Kari Steffens

    • Located in South East Asia