Apostles Martin & Kimberly Angulo

Our parent church in Argentina is lead by Apostles Martin and Kimberly Angulo. They have been our primary leaders for many years and we are incredibly honored to have them be our leaders. To learn more about our Apostles, please click their picture.

Bobby COnner

World known Prophet, Bobby Conner has been like a Spiritual Fathers for years. We are honored to be in constant communication with him as well as host him annually for a weekend long conference as well as school. To learn more about Bobby Conner, please click on his picture.

International Ministerial Association

Though we are a Non-Denominational church, we do strongly associate with The International Ministerial Association (IMA). To learn more about the IMA and its beliefs, please click on the picture.



Bethel Global Legacy

We are a proud member of Global Legacy, a ministry of Bethel Church in Redding, California. To learn more about Bethel Global Legacy, please click on the picture.